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Sidecar Venture opened its doors in the Spring of 2021, and has been providing fun sidecar experiences ever since. What sets us apart from the rest is that we are the only sidecar business in California that offers you to rent it and drive on your own. The best thing about renting from us is that you don't need a motorcycle's license due to our sidecars being considered three-wheeled vehicles. 

Our sidecars accommodate 3 riders (2 on the motorcycle or scooter and 1 inside the sidecar). With a sidecar rental, you can choose from a 2, 5 or 24-hour ride. We offer picnic packages that comes with a picnic blanket, picnic basket and a charcuterie box that feeds 2-4 people and can be customized to any dietary needs. We also offer barkcuterie boxes which are small treat boxes for dogs.